Evri Missed Delivery Scam {April} Know Authentic Details

Latest News Evri Missed Delivery Scam

Evri Missed Delivery Scam has shared the story of Courier Company that has rebranded itself to protect itself from bad reputation and Scammers.

If you have received a message from a Delivery Company asking to pay for your courier service, think twice before paying the bill. Hermes was known for its pathetic delivery system among United Kingdom online shoppers.

As it is trying to rebrand itself with a new name and logo, some scammers target customers with fake messages. Hermes has rebranded itself as Evri, and people are receiving messages from Evri to pay for their courier service. To know more about this story, read Evri Missed Delivery Scam till the end.

Evri Message and Link Scam:

The pathetic delivery system and scammers using its name to deceive customers have compelled the company to change to Evri. Scammers have used Hermes’s name to cheat customers by trying different tactics.

  • The message can be in the form of an email to pay for your courier service.
  • It can also be in the form of a link to a payment gateway to pay your bill.
  • Phone message asking to reschedule your parcel delivery by paying the bill.

Scammers use courier service names to fraud people generally ask people to reschedule their parcel by paying the delivery charge.

Hermes reaction to Evri Scam Message:

Hermes officials reacted strongly to these scam messages and stated that they never ask for sensitive information via email, SMS or telephone. They have warned the customer to report the matter to the company if they receive any such message from Evri.

They also made it clear that payment for their services should be made on the spot and in cash. Any email or text message received for service payment can be a phishing attempt from the scammers.

The company never asks for sensitive information like personal or financial detail through email or telephone messages.

Company advice on Evri Missed Delivery Scam:

Evri has advised its customers to protect themselves from this scam in the future. According to reports, citizens above 65 are targeted mainly by these delivery scammers.

  • If you receive a message from an unknown number, don’t respond to it.
  • Never open any link or download content from suspicious mail as it may harm your device.
  • Avoid making payments that are asked through the link or on a dubious website.
  • Try to avoid updating and installing services from unknown websites as they may contain malware.

Contact the company executive to know the details of the message or mail.

How much is a Message Scam Costing UK Nationals?

Evri Scam messages are a new threat to countries doing most of their business on the digital platform. Scammers have started targeting big names in every industry as it gives them the benefit of an extensive loyal customer base.

It is estimated that this fraud message costs more than 5 billion pounds each year to the UK economy. Around more than fifty percent of targeted people are senior citizens.


Hermes’s bad reputation has forced it to change its brand name to Evri, but scammers may continue to target their customers. If you are a victim of the Evri Missed delivery Scam, try forwarding the scam message, phone number and company name to 7726 to investigate the sender.  

People can share their stories or views on text message scams in the comment section.

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