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Scroll the article below to learn about George Jetson Wiki, a famous character in The Jetsons. 

George Joseph Jetson is portrayed as a fictional character. He is a 40-year-old father of the Jetson Family in 2062. He has been featured in various television shows and movies. The character is popular in the United States, Canada, Poland, and the United Kingdom

This article deals with George Jetson Wiki. He has been featured in the famous movie The Jetsons.  Make sure to read the article to know all the related information. 

George Jetson’s family 

George’s wife is Jane Jetson. He also has a teen daughter named Judy and a son, Elroy. George lives in an apartment in Orbit City. The apartment is assumed to be one of the future apartments. He is surrounded by fantasies which include flying cars and robots. 

The apartments are set so one cannot see the ground, depicting the very populated earth. George works at Space Sprockets as a digital operator, the company operates with high-end technology. 

George Jetson Birthday Meme

There have been memes all around stating the character’s birthday will be on 31st July. The memes are based on the birth, and he is being mocked. 

On 23rd May, 2021 Tumblr posted saying Jetson is 40 years old and which means he was being conceived somewhere now. This went viral and gained much attention from the fans and the public. 

More To know about George Jetson.  

Jeff Bergman is the live voice of George Jetson. Earlier the voiceover was being done by O Hanlon. But now, after his death, it is done by George. While searching about George Jetson Wiki, we also know that George appears at the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. 

The Jetsons family lives around in the future and has access to all the possible technological advancements. George works as a digital index operator. The family lives in a large house, and they have a dog named Astro. The family resides in the Skypad apartments. 

Why has the character been trending in the news? 

The character has become famous after being featured in the movie, The Jetsons. The character, George, went viral all over after he was talked about in one of the posts on the social media platform Facebook. 

His birthday was assumed, and thus George Jetson Birthday Meme made him trending in the news. His birthday is being celebrated on 31st July 2022 by his fans and the public. As a popular character, he has been a hot topic of discussion in the news.


George is a fictional character that depicts a member of a future family which would revolve around robots. Twitter has been posting tweets about George being born on the 31st of July. George is known for being the patriarch of the Jetson family. 

The character of the animated television series has been a popular search as George Jetson Wiki. To know more about the character and the related information, click here on the attached link.

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