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Have you heard the news of the 18years old gunman who shot and killed 21 people, among them 19 were children and the two were grown-ups? On 24th May 2022, this incident occurred in Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas, in the United States, and Canada.

This gun attack in school is the fatal attack in the school history of Texas. The 18 years boy named Salvador Ramos shot his grandmother the day before he had done a massacre in school. Let us see the detailed incident via Salvador Ramos Wiki.

Details Of Salvador Ramos

According to the sources, the perpetrator, Salvador Ramos, was 18 years old and lived in Uvalde. He studied at Uvalde High School. According to the sources, before this teenager did this dreadful incident, he was seen sending cryptic messages to an unknown girl via Instagram.

We can see that he tagged the pictures of the firearm to another person on Instagram. He ran from the scene and destroyed his cart near the school. After that, he was shot and killed by the police. Governor Greg Abbott, called Salvador Ramos Uvalde, alone carried out the mass shooting, which was horrible and incomprehensible.

How Did He Carry Out The Massacre?

Ramos carried a handgun and was clothing in black armour. After crashing an SUV parked outside the school, Ramos entered the school by 11.30 AM by CDT. The police officer who went to stop him was shot dead by the gunman.

The school was locked down because of the gun shooting near the school. At 1.17 PM on Twitter, Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District tweeted that the firing happened in the elementary school.

Salvador Ramos Texas And About The Elementary School

Uvalde is a city that is situated in the South Texas region. 90 % of students in Robb Elementary School are Hispanic, which means Spanish background, and almost 81 % of the students are from economically backward classes.

Among the victims, two persons died in the hospital. According to the CEO of Uvalde Memorial Hospital, 13 children were admitted to the hospital. Several people are injured due to the incident. The majorly affected are taken to the University Hospital in San Antonio.

Why Is Salvador Ramos Wiki Incident Trending In News?

The incident at Robb Elementary School was the worst in the shooting history in the school after the incident of Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. After the shooting, the school authority informed the parents of the students not to pick up any child until all students were identified. Because of the fatality of the incident, this news is trending.


President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and the other important persons had given strong reactions by condemning this incident. Biden asked for half-mast of the flag in response to the incident. Salvador Ramos Wiki has been named in the highest place in criminal history.

Please note all the details present here are based on internet sources. What you think of the reason for such incidents? Please comment below. For more about the incident, check this.

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