Karthik Kumar Wife: Indian classical and pop singer divorced and denies leaking pictures.

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Discover the details of Karthik Kumar Wife and who Suchitra is and their Age, Parents details and Wiki, Biography and more.

Karthik Kumar is an Indian stand-up comedian, television and Tamil film actor. His first wife was Suchitra Ramadurai. She is well known as the mononym Suchitra. She is a popular playback singer, an Indian radio jockey. She is a multi-talented singer, and her songs are famous worldwide. Continue reading the post to know the detailed information about Karthik Kumar wife find out details and more.

Karthik Kumar Wife

Karthik Kumar is a standup comedian and an Indian actor in the Tamil movie industry. Karthik was a prominent fame among theater actors before his shatter into the movie industry. He is well known as Evam Karthik for his acting connections. In 2005, he got married to singer, Suchitra Ramadurai and the couple mutually divorced in 2017. Here are the details about the actor Karthik kumar.

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Name Karthik Kumar
Born 21-Nov-77
Age 46
Pla Chennai, India
Occupations Television and Movie Actor, Stand-up comedian
Years active 2000–present
Spouses Suchitra (married in 2005⁠–⁠2017)​, Amrutha Srinivasan (married on 2021)​
Comedy career Medium Stand-up comedian
Genres Improvisational comedy, Observational comedy, political satire, physical comedy
Website www.evamstanduptamasha.in

Karthik Kumar Suchitra

Karthik Kumar Suchitra

Suchithra is an Indian playback singer, songwriter, music composer, dubbing artist, voice artist, and movie actress. She worked as an Indian radio jockey. She is well known as RJ Suchitra. Her radio show has been very popular and loved by all radio fans in Chennai. 

One day Suchithra’s name would be hauled down in such a mischievous controversy. There were some Kollywood parties. Private leaked photos were shared from her Twitter account. It has pics of celebrities personal having a good time. 

The leaks became viral on social media like Twitter when problematic video of artists was posted. Suchitra mentioned that her social media account had been hacked by someone. After posting the controversial pics from the account, and later deactivated it. 

Karthik Kumar shared a video on his Twitter account, and there was more to this gossip than what he saw. 

Suchithra’s Biography

Suchitra was born in Chennai, India.  She is the daughter of Ramadurai and Padmaja. She has a sibling, Sunitha. Suchitra is a B.Sc. under graduated from Trivandrum, Mar Ivanios College, Kerala. She pursued her MBA degree from PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore. She was in a music band in PSG.

Name Suchitra Ramadurai
Born Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Other names Mirchi Suchi, RJ Suchi, Suchi
Education PSG Institute of Management, Mar Ivanios College, Le Cordon Bleu
Occupations Singer, musician, actress, songwriter, composer, radio jockey, writer, columnist
Years active 2000–present
Spouse Karthik Kumar (married on 2005⁠–⁠2017)​
Awards ITFA Best Female Playback Singer, Best Female Playback Singer Filmfare Award in Telugu
Parents Ramadurai and Padmaja
Musical career Indian classical Carnatic filmi, Indian pop
Instrument(s) Vocals, guitar

Karthik Kumar’s Wife

About Karthik Kumar’s Wife

The Indian actor Karthik Kumar married RJ and the singer Suchitra in 2005. Later in 2017, the couple separated. In December 2021, the actor married actress Amrutha Srinivasan. 

Amrutha Srinivasan is a south Indian actress. She has appeared in Tamil movies. She is best known for her role in the Kallachirippu web series. Continue reading to find out Amrutha’s Wiki details.

Name Amrutha Srinivasan
Date of birth 3 November 1993 
Place Chennai, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Actress
Years active 2014–present


Karthik Kumar, a well-known stand-up comedian in India. He divorced his first wife, RJ Suchithra, due to some controversial issues, and later he married the actress Amrutha Srinivasan. Click here to get the details of Karthik Kumar Wife.

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