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Here, this post on Pim Kornkanok Telegram Vk will talk about a leaked video of a social media influencer from Thailand. The video is also going viral in Laos; let us read about it.

Details on Pim Korn Kanok Clip

Pim Kornkanok is a social media influencer with millions of followers. Recently, an intimate clip of Kim had gone viral on the internet. At first, when the clip went viral, many people said that it might not be Pim. 

These days, deep-faking is really serious, and many people have fallen victim to it. Thus, fans supported Pim and concluded it could not be her. However, just a few days ago, Pim had accepted that it was Pim in the video. 

She posted a story on her Instagram account. The video had Pim & a man whom she was dating at that time. Although, after the break-up, she told him clearly to delete the video. But she doesn’t know how the video got leaked. 

The person behind the Pim Kornkanok Telegram Vk video leak has not been identified. Thus, she cannot tell if it was her ex-boyfriend who leaked it or not. However, the video has not been deleted from the internet.              

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Details About Pim Korn Kanok Pimmmmss

Full Name  Khun Pim
Popularly Know as:

Pim Kornkanok

Date of Birth  Not known 
Place of Birth Thailand
Age Not know (She might be in her early 20s)
Nationality Thai


No details are available 


No details are available


No details are available


Silpakorn University


Social media influencer and a model

Marital Status 

Boy-friend’s Name

Not known

Instagram Followers

One million followers

More details about Pim are not available on the internet because she is not a top celebrity but just a social media influencer.

Details About Pim Korn Kanok IG & More

Pim has an Instagram account and a YouTube Channel. After her video went viral, she has been a topic of discussion in different countries. Thus, people want to access her Instagram profile. Here are the links to her Instagram account. Instagram

Pim has a YouTube channel, but it does not have any content. Despite the fact that her YouTube channel does not have any videos, she has over 5000 subscribers. The Pim Kornkanok Telegram Vk video was leaked through a video platform ‘VK’ similar to YouTube. 

Pim’s ex-boyfriend also comes out to express his side of the story. He claimed that he was not the person who leaked the video, and he did not know how it was revealed. Pim also gave credit to his claims and said it was not his ex-boyfriend who leaked the video. 

Thus, the question is, who leaked the video? Pim is ready to take legal action against the person. She is preparing to get the culprit behind the bars. She is ready to take that person down with legality.


A social media influencer from Thailand is surrounded by controversy. An indecent video of her and her ex-boyfriend has leaked on the internet. Pim accepted that it was Pim in the video. 

She apologized to her fans and supporters for being irresponsible. Pim also thanked her fans for supporting her every time. She said that she would take legal action against the culprit. Details about the person behind the video leak are not known.

However, her ex-boyfriend came to light and denied that he did so. But Pim has already begun the legal proceedings against the video leak, and Pim Kornkanok Telegram Vk is now absent on social media.

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