Loo Tze Lui LinkedIn: PM Lawrence Wong wife looks like “Korean Actress”

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The wife of PM Lawrence Wong starring Loo Tze Lui has been trending on online platforms. She has been in lime light after netizens gushes on her elegance and style at the Prime Minister’s swearing-in ceremony. She has been trending Worldwide. 

The swearing-in ceremony of Loo Tze Lui LinkedIn was conducted at Istana on 15th May. It was PM Wong’s wife who attracted the attention of the people in the Swearing-in ceremony. Following her style and elegance people claim she looks like Korean actress.

The 51 years old newly-minted Prime Minister Lawerence Wong takes over the position from Lee Hsien Loong. All focus were in the Swearing-in ceremony. While the wife of newly minted Prime Minister gained the attention for her fashion style and elegance.

Loo Tze Lui is the second wife of PM Wong. To discuss about Loo Tze Lui Children, the couple does not have any kids together. At the same time, Loo Tze Lui keeps herself away from social media, spotlight and maintains a low profile. In recent times, she has been trending on online platforms after her appearance in PM’s Swearing-in ceremony.              

It was known that she was earlier working as a banker and was also appointed in the position of board of director for the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) in 2023. She presently is in wealth management profession.

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Loo Tze Lui Family and personal life:

Loo Tze Lui Family and personal life

Loo Tze Lui is the wife of new Deputy Prime Mister of Singapore. She was born on 1974 in Singapore. She began her career as a wealth manager (banker) and moved to business entrepreneurship. She has expertise in strategic and financial planning. Loo Tze Lui Nationality is Singaporean. 

Being in the field of business entrepreneurship, it showcases her leadership abilities and knowledge in business. Her knowledge made her began a investment firm.  She was soon appointed as the CEO of Investment Management Association in Singapore. Loo Tze Lui Age is 50 years. Her versatile talents in various fields makes her trend on internet.

Loo Tze Lui LinkedIn is known for her style and elegance. She has played an amazing role in promoting the Investment management Association of Singapore. She was seen last year in September at the President Tharman’s inauguration with PM Wong at the Istana. 

Following her looks and elegance, people calls her to be the Singaporean prettiest prime minister wife while other claims she gives Korean star vibes. On 15th May, she was spotted in Swearing-in ceremony. Her appearance and style did generate widespread attention on online platforms.

Loo Tze Lui LinkedIn appeared in simple black dress and necklace which looked like a classical outfit during the inauguration ceremony of president Tharman. Her looks and elegance did gain lot of reactions and comments. The news about Loo Tze Lui trends on online platforms.

PM Lawrence Wong Wiki:

  • Full Name: Lawrence Wong Shyun Tsai                                 
  • Date of Birth: 18th December 1972 
  • Place of Birth: eastern region of Singapore                          
  • Age: 51 years
  • Education: Haig Boys Primary School
  • Graduation: University of Wisconsin-Madison (Bachelor of Science)
  • Parents: Not known
  • Spouse: Loo Tze Lui
  • Children: Not known
  • Nationality: Russian and Israel
  • Profession: Civil Servant and Politician
  • Party: People’s Action Party 
  • Position: Prime Minister of Singapore (2024)
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Political career: 2011- Present

PM Lawrence Wong personal life:

PM Lawrence Wong personal life

PM Lawrence Wong is known to be a Methodist. He got married to his first wife when he was 28 years old. He got separated from his wife after three years of marriage because of incompatibility. He married his second wife “Loo Tze Lui.” She was a former banker. The couple does not have any children together.

The Loo Tze Lui LinkedIn trends on online platforms. To know more information on Loo Tze Lui, click on this link.

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