Reasons of Malfunctioning of Water Pressure Regulators

Reasons of Malfunctioning of Water Pressure Regulators

Today, having a low or high water pressure at homes and offices is one of the most common problems. A low water pressure can affect the performance of your faucet, shower heads and other toilet fixtures. This low pressure and the fluctuation in it can damage the water appliances like the dishwasher and washing machines. Here the electric pressure regulator comes in handy. This is the device that has the ability to manage the pressure of fluids efficiently and keeps it constant until the job is done. These devices can also malfunction and can become the reason for low or high pressures at your home or office.

Below we have listed a few reasons of electronic water pressure regulators malfunctioning:


This is the common reason for malfunctioning of an electric pressure regulator. The dust particles and debris that flow through the pressure regulator accumulate inside this device and creates a gap between the poppet and the seat of the regulator. This gap allows the fluid to pass through the regulator and causes an unwanted increase in the overall outlet pressure. It can be avoided by using the filters and scheduling the regular checkups and the maintenance of the low pressure regulators. 

It often happens just after the installation of a new pressure regulator because the installation debris flows through it if it is not installed with great care. That’s why it’s essential to install a pressure regulator carefully.


If any kind of leakage happens in the pipeline or the electric pressure regulator then it can affect the performance of the regulator and will not let you have the desired pressure from the device. When it happens people often think that the device is not working properly but it’s not the issue in most of the cases. Leakage is a usual thing that can happen because of bearing high pressure, or water hammering. It can be solved easily by performing the required repairs.  

Broken Pressure Regulator:

This is one of the uncommon issues that does not let the user have the accurate pressure from the electric pressure regulator. If you are not getting the right pressure then it may happen due to a broken internal component. Over time these devices get older and their components become weak. These weak components break down and affect the performance of the digital pressure regulator by changing the pressure of the water. You may feel an increase or decrease in the pressure of the water at your home and office. To repair the regulator get the assistance of a professional but if still not performing well after getting repaired, then replace it as soon as possible. 

Final Words:

Many people don’t know how much an irregular pressure of water can affect the faucets, fixtures and appliances. In this regard an electric pressure regulator is very useful because it can easily control the pressure of the water. But there is a great chance of their malfunctioning and above we have discussed some common reasons for pressure regulator malfunctioning. 



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