What Is Streameast.Cyz? Check If Streameast.xyz Legit Or Scam!

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Streameast.cyz will check on the website’s legitimacy, why it is the news and if it is safe to use it.

Do you love watching sports like NFL, golf, soccer, MLB, tennis, etc.? Where you watched all these sports? Do you know any streaming website or app which allows you to watch your favourite sports in one place?

But is it safe to use the such website? We will check the legitimacy here and bring you a clear idea if you should use the website. People across the United States, Canada, and Australia are talking about one popular streaming platform named Streameast.cyz; let’s discuss it in detail.

What is the news?

Since Streameast has become popular, several other fake websites are available with the same name and claim to be real websites. Streameast.cyz comes as a result when we search Streameast. However, there is no such extension exists. However, Streameast clearly mentioned on their official website that many fake websites use the name Streameast. Google shows fake sites in results instead of real Streameast. These fake sites mislead people and consist only of advertisements.

  • The real addresses are:
  • Streameast.live
  • Streameast.io
  • Streameast.xyz

Also, it asked people to add these addresses to bookmark and not rely on Google results.

Streameast.xyz Legit or scam?

The domain Streameast.xyz was registered on 20th December 2018, and the renewal date is 20th December 2023. It uses a valid HTTPS connection, and the backlist status is not detected. The website is very popular and listed under the busy streaming niche.

It ranked 3806 according to Alexa traffic rank. However, the trust score of the website is near 47 percent, which makes it proximity to suspicious websites. The website design could be better and doesn’t contain metadata elements, which might lose credibility.

From our research, Streameast.cyz has searchability results from Streameast.xyz. However, talking about the legitimacy of the Streameast.xyz/ Streameast.io/ Streameast.live seems legitimate after considering its technical parameters.

It is safe and reliable to visit this website. But we do not recommend sharing any personal and banking-related information on this website. As many similar websites are available on Google, you might need help identifying the real one. Therefore, for a safer side, use these only to stream content.

Note: We write this article is to provide information and is not for advertising and nor do we promote piracy. Streameast might be illegal in some countries, and you must check your country’s law before accessing this website.


Streameast.cyz searched as a result of the popularity of Streameast. However, there is no such extension exists. You probably now know how to distinguish the real and fake Streameast websites. You can visit here the official website of Streameast.

Do you find information on Streameast informative? Do comment if you have used this website before.

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