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The article on Survival Wordle Game talked about a word puzzle game and its recent developments. Please read and know more.

What is the Wordle game? Have you played this game before? Did you find it interesting? 

Games are the new pastime for all of us these days. Because of mobile phones or smartphones, gaming is now straightforward. Also, the gaming companies are now releasing new games very frequently. 

Let us see why in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, the game Survival Wordle Game is trending?

Wordle Game

The new wordle survival game is the thing everyone is talking about. There are many mobile games out there related to crossword puzzles and such kinds. These games are considered good because they make you learn something.

Wordle is a word game where players need to solve the puzzle. This is a game released very recently. They also have daily puzzle challenges. These challenges make it interesting for people and keep them engaged.

Claims are such that this game will help you sharpen your mind and provide you with an intellectual brain exercise. To know about Survivle Wordle Game, keep following this article.

Recent Development In The Game

Wordle has been very famous this year, and the developers wanted to make it even better. There are many changes and new features added to this game in 2022. These are added to the game to make it more exciting and relevant. 

A new update and version have been released. That version is “Survival.” Players need to survive through the difficulties in the game. And make it to the correct answers. We can call it a survival mode game also. 

This mode will challenge the player and provide a good gaming experience.

Features Of Survival Wordle Game

Here we will discuss some of the game’s main features, ‘Wordle’.

  • This is a word puzzle game.
  • A new version of survival is introduced that has new rules. 
  • Also, the Survival version is different from the old one. 

Let us see how to play it:

  • Players need to guess two words in just three tries. 
  • Every word is of five letters.
  • Players need to survive through 3 rounds to make it to the winning end. 
  • There will be indicators for how good your guesses are.
  • Green will indicate you are correct, and amber will indicate wrong.
  • Tiles will be green whentheletters are positioned correctly in Survival Wordle Game. 
  • When the yellow tiles appear, those letters can be used but not for this word.
  • Lastly, the gray tiles mean the letters are incorrect, and you cannot use them anywhere. 


The new wordle game’s version of survival is the talk of the town. People love this game and find it even more interesting than the old version. The game will indeed keep you engaged and entertained. We would recommend our readers to try the Wordle survival game once.

To know more about the Wordle game, please click here and visit the website

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