Los Angeles exhibition “The Stand-Ins,” featuring Art Streiber and others, offers an amusing look at “the shot that comes before the shot”

For an exhibition now on view at Month of Photography Los Angeles, Los Angeles magazine photo director Amy Feitelberg decided to put a unique twist on the usual behind-the-scenes concept. Her group show, “The Stand-Ins,” features “the shot that comes before the shot”—the image that is made “before the celebrity stands on their mark, before […]

Art Streiber on photographing his teenage daughter’s typical “Saturday Night in LA” for Los Angeles magazine

. “For Los Angeles magazine’s third annual photo portfolio, Amy Feitelberg, the magazine’s photo editor, asked her roster of regular photographers to pitch her ideas for ‘Saturday Night in LA.’ The magazine was interested in casting a wide net across the city’s diverse cultural landscape, from a prom in mid-Wilshire to a bingo parlor in […]

Behind the scenes of Michael Muller’s underwater cover shoot with surfer Josh Mohr (video)

For its August issue, Outside magazine produced a series of stories packaged as “The Apocalypse Handbook,” with pro surfer Josh Mohr pictured on the cover in a debris-strewn underwater “must-escape” setting. The photo is by Michael Muller, who was working with $250,000 worth of camera equipment, including ProFoto underwater flash heads that he designed. The […]