Michael Muller shoots underwater fashion feature for Malibu magazine

“The Evolution of Turbulence,” a new underwater series by Steven Lippman

“The Evolution of Turbulence” is a brand-new series by photographer Steven Lippman that puts a conceptual spin on underwater photography. Steven, a lifelong surfer and passionate supporter of conservation efforts to protect the world’s oceans, plunges beneath the waves, holds his breath, and searches for abstract images that express the beauty and power of the […]

Michael Muller directs Joaquin Phoenix in dramatic drowning video PSA for PETA

. What would it feel like if you were suddenly deprived of oxygen and couldn’t breathe? That sensation of terror is at the heart of “Joaquin Phoenix Is Drowning,” a dramatic new video PSA for PETA directed by photographer/director Michael Muller and featuring the Oscar-nominated actor. From PETA’s website: “Award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix struggles underwater, […]

5 video clips from Michael Muller’s “Shark Shoot”

Just in case you missed the debut of Michael Muller‘s Shark Shoot special on the Travel Channel last month, here’s a look at some clips from the show… . . Read more: Michael Muller’s “Shark Shoot” debuts this Sunday on the Travel Channel . .

Michael Muller’s “Shark Shoot” debuts this Sunday on the Travel Channel

. It’s always inspiring when a photographer who follows their interests finds success. Michael Muller has been pursuing his love of underwater photography—specifically of sharks—for the past few years, and the hard work he’s put in is paying off in some big ways. In the fall, there was the Outside magazine feature on his photos […]

Behind the scenes of Michael Muller’s underwater cover shoot with surfer Josh Mohr (video)

For its August issue, Outside magazine produced a series of stories packaged as “The Apocalypse Handbook,” with pro surfer Josh Mohr pictured on the cover in a debris-strewn underwater “must-escape” setting. The photo is by Michael Muller, who was working with $250,000 worth of camera equipment, including ProFoto underwater flash heads that he designed. The […]

Water polo team bares all for Art Streiber and ESPN The Magazine

Who says you need a wardrobe person on every big shoot? For the cover of ESPN The Magazine’s second annual Body Issue, Art Streiber photographed the USA Women’s Water Polo team, and these gifted athletes were wearing not a stitch of clothing. (Hey, it’s the Body Issue, not the Caftan Issue.) . .. “Catriona Ni […]

Behind the scenes: Jorg Badura goes underwater for Self mag

It’s challenging to shoot a how-to story artfully, especially when there’s just one prop and one simple set. But Jorg’s photos documenting an underwater workout—published in the August issue of Self—are both informative and totally appealing in a sun-blasted, aquamarine, cool-dip-on-a-hot-day way. . . The underwater setting—a beautiful private swimming pool in Miami—marked a first […]

EPSN The Magazine publishes first-ever travel issue

Though the focus in publishing these days is on ways to use technology like the iPad and the Web to keep print alive (here’s a recent article on Newsweek‘s efforts along these lines), some publishers are using low-tech, time-tested strategies to boost their ad pages. Like appealing to nonendemic advertisers. That, at least, is what […]

Video: Michael Muller’s underwater photography for Speedo