Michael Muller’s “Shark Shoot” debuts this Sunday on the Travel Channel

"Shark Shoot: Fiji," which premieres this Sunday, follows Michael Muller as he gets up close and personal with eight different species of shark.


It’s always inspiring when a photographer who follows their interests finds success. Michael Muller has been pursuing his love of underwater photography—specifically of sharks—for the past few years, and the hard work he’s put in is paying off in some big ways. In the fall, there was the Outside magazine feature on his photos of great white sharks, plus an exhibition at London’s hip Outsiders gallery. And this weekend marks an even splashier occasion: Michael’s broadcast debut. On Sunday, December 18, Shark Shoot: Fiji will premiere on the Travel Channel. Here’s the show’s official description:

As a celebrity photographer, Mike Muller travels the globe shooting some of the biggest stars on the planet. And now he’s using his fearless passion to capture an even more elusive subject. In this special, Mike seeks eight different species of sharks all converging in Fiji. He and his crew are high-tech MacGyvers, building big toys to get the perfect shot. They are bringing the Hollywood photo studio 70 feet underwater to capture these one-of-a-kind photos. The stakes are high; Mike and his crew risk it all to capture images that will shatter all of our misconceptions about one of the ocean’s most enigmatic creatures: the shark.

Michael Muller.

“I’ve been working on this TV series for the last couple of years,” Michael explained in an email to me. “The show centers on animals—my team and I photograph them in ways that haven’t been done before. I enjoy commercial photography, but this is really where my passion is. On behalf of the animals we share this planet with, I’m asking that everyone tune in to the Travel Channel this Sunday, the 18th, and watch. I would appreciate it so much.”

Michael worked with BASE Productions on the Shark Shoot special. I asked showrunner Tucia Lyman what the production was like, and it’s clear from her response that the experience was both hair-raising and inspiring. “Filming this show was the adventure of a lifetime,” she says. “I have a full cast and crew diving in the middle of the Pacific, in a frenzy of sharks, combating a 6-foot swell in a total downpour, and I can hear Mike through the comm system seventy feet below shouting, ‘Get me closer to those sharks! He’s a pure-bred maniac who will put his life on the line to photograph these animals in a way that’s never been done before. He’s a real visionary, his photos are stunning, and if there’s anyone who can make people stop and think differently about our planet, it’s this guy. He’s like a shark himself, unpredictable, ferociously committed, and magnificent to see in action!”

Michael Muller’s Shark Shoot: Fiji premieres Sunday, December 18, at 9pm EST/6pm PST on the Travel Channel.



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  1. Faith Gude
    Posted 12/15/2011 at 9:22 am | Permalink

    Way to go Mike! Way to go Tucia! Makes me want to watch the show Shark Shoot TONIGHT! But I gotta wait! Keep up the good and exciting work!

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