More blockbuster photography by Michael Muller: posters for “Exodus: Gods and Kings” and publicity images for Joaquin Phoenix’s “Inherent Vice”


Michael Muller directs Joaquin Phoenix in dramatic drowning video PSA for PETA

. What would it feel like if you were suddenly deprived of oxygen and couldn’t breathe? That sensation of terror is at the heart of “Joaquin Phoenix Is Drowning,” a dramatic new video PSA for PETA directed by photographer/director Michael Muller and featuring the Oscar-nominated actor. From PETA’s website: “Award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix struggles underwater, […]

Joaquin Phoenix portraits by Michael Muller featured in Britain’s The Mail on Sunday

Two more of Michael Muller‘s recent portraits of Joaquin Phoenix were published recently, this time in Britain’s The Mail on Sunday‘s Live magazine… . . .  

New work: Joaquin Phoenix by Michael Muller

This new portrait by Michael Muller of Joaquin Phoenix, star of the movie The Master, was featured in a recent issue of Time magazine… . . .

Star power: 11 great celebrity portraits

. Bill, Maureen, and the rest of the team at Stockland Martel hosted our annual Hollywood East Cocktail Party a couple of weeks ago, as a way to personally thank our clients in the entertainment industry here on the East Coast. The event, which was attended by photo editors, art buyers, and creatives, was held […]

Michael Muller’s “I’m Still Here” a top-ranking movie poster for 2010

. A while back, I wrote that the poster for I’m Still Here, featuring a portrait by Michael Muller, had been named one of the five best movie posters of 2010 by New York magazine’s Vulture blog. Since then, we’re proud to report, the poster has been added to a quite a few new best-of […]

New York mag’s Vulture blog names “The Five Best and Five Worst Movie Posters of 2010”

And one of the five best features a portrait by our own Michael Muller, who photographed his friend Joaquin Phoenix for Casey Affleck’s I’m Still Here. . . “Casey Affleck’s documentary was as much of a mess as the put-on version of Joaquin Phoenix he was chronicling, but for a brief shining moment, this poster […]

New work: Michael Muller shoots poster for Joaquin Phoenix documentary

Remember Joaquin Phoenix’s breakdown a couple of years ago? The odd behavior, the abundant facial hair? Casey Affleck, Phoenix’s brother-in-law, followed the Academy Award–winning actor around with a movie camera during those rough times and turned the footage into a documentary. The film, titled I’m Still Here, is coming out next month, and Michael Muller […]

Academy Awards portraits gallery!

In honor of this year’s Academy Awards, which gets started at Sunday at 8 PM EST on ABC, I thought I’d show off some of the portraits our photographers have taken of  the 2010 nominees over the years. And then, out of curiosity, I started researching which previous nominees and winners our photographers have shot. […]