Star power: 11 great celebrity portraits


Bill, Maureen, and the rest of the team at Stockland Martel hosted our annual Hollywood East Cocktail Party a couple of weeks ago, as a way to personally thank our clients in the entertainment industry here on the East Coast. The event, which was attended by photo editors, art buyers, and creatives, was held in the Gallery @ Stockland Martel, whose walls were filled with celebrity portraits by our photographers. Here’s a look at 13 star-powered images from the show.


Brad Pitt. Photo by Kwaku Alston.

Conan O’Brien. Photo by Matthias Clamer.

Louis C.K. Photo by Jim Fiscus.

Eva Longoria. Photo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.

Cheryl Cole. Photo by Nadav Kander.

Carolyn Murphy. Photo by Steven Lippman.

Justin Bieber. Photo by Jeff Lipsky.

Joaquin Phoenix. Photo by Michael Muller.

Joe Manganiello. Photo by Nino Munoz.

Nicki Minaj. Photo by Matthew Rolston.

Jennifer Lopez. Photo by Art Streiber.



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  1. Posted 08/09/2011 at 6:37 pm | Permalink

    As a granddaughter of a professional portrait photographer and knowing several local Phila, PA, fashion photographer I can say that these photos are for the most part rather well photoed
    I don’t particularly care for Justin Beiber as a singer but that is a terrific, dramatic photo. Never heard of Joe Manganiello but he sure looks terrific in his wet tee shirt.
    I usually like Michael Muller. Its a good, dramatic photo but I sure like Joaquin better as his usual self. As for the women my fave for its dramatic effect is Eva Longoria.

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