Jeff Lipsky photographs the winners of the 89th Annual Academy Awards: Emma Stone, Casey Affleck, Viola Davis, Barry Jenkins, and more

View all 25 portraits here.     View this post on Instagram Oscar ready! #oscars # backstage A post shared by jefflipsky (@jefflipsky) on Feb 26, 2017 at 3:30pm PST View this post on Instagram BTS shot of Emma Stone back stage moments after her Oscar win for Best Actress. #emmastone #phaseone #hasselblad #bestactressđź“·@minitheskirt A […]

Art Streiber on photographing Jimmy Kimmel, the host of this year’s Oscars, for the cover of Variety

“In the footsteps of Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, and Billy Crystal, here comes Jimmy Kimmel to host the Oscars! Jimmy is dry and witty and completely up to the task. In front of the camera, he is completely game and actually willing to go too far,” says Art Streiber, who photographed Kimmel for the cover of […]

New York magazine features a portfolio of Art Streiber’s pre-show Academy Awards photos from the past 15 years

The magazine also asked Art to photograph current Academy Award nominees Bryan Cranston, Steve Golin, Andrea Berloff, Alicia Vikander, Dianne Warren, Phyllis Nagy, Pete Docter, and Liz Garbus for the story “12 Oscar-Season Lessons From the Nominees.” See more of Art’s Oscars photos here.  

“The red carpet is a war zone”—and other observations from Art Streiber on shooting behind the scenes at the Oscars

Art Streiber has been photographing the Academy Awards for 15 years now. The rehearsals, the crews prepping the theater, the stars backstage, the winners the morning after—all of it. And he’s produced countless classic images in the process. What’s his secret? Comfortable shoes, for one thing. And knowing how to get the shot even when […]

A peek at Entertainment Weekly’s 11-page spread featuring Art Streiber’s backstage photographs from the Oscars. Plus: Art’s morning-after portraits of Common and J.K. Simmons


Art Streiber’s Oscars rehearsal photos: Jack Black, Tim McGraw, host Neil Patrick Harris, Scarlett Johansson, and more

Art Streiber captured highlights from the rehearsals for this year’s Academy Awards, shooting for the three days leading up to Hollywood’s most anticipated night of the year. At Entertainment Weekly‘s website, you can view the galleries of Art’s images: Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. Below, some of our favorites…    

Meryl Streep mugs for Art Streiber’s camera…and other fabulous moments from this year’s Oscars

Art Streiber captured the glamour, excitement, and fun behind-the-scenes moments at this year’s Academy Awards for the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. He also photographed newly minted Oscar winners Cate Blanchett and Steve McQueen the morning after. Whether it’s Lupita Nyong’o looking stunning in a dress the color of the summer sky or Meryl Streep […]

See Art Streiber’s behind-the-scenes photos from the Academy Awards rehearsals, shot exclusively for Entertainment Weekly

Art Streiber, a longtime chronicler behind the scenes before and during the Academy Awards, photographed the preparations and rehearsals for the four days leading up to last Sunday’s Oscar’s telecast, images that are on view exclusively at Entertainment Weekly‘s website, Click on the screenshots below to go backstage as Hollywood preps for its biggest […]

Art Streiber documents behind the scenes at the Oscars for Entertainment Weekly exclusive

Entertainment Weekly asked Art Streiber to document the two days leading up to the Oscars, as well as the big night, for an Academy Awards exclusive package. And what incredible images he got—Art is undeniably the master of photographing this ceremony. Look for his images in the new issue, or view to view the […]

Celebrity stylist Sam Spector styles Daniel Radcliffe for Oscars, and names Radcliffe one of the night’s best-dressed men

It’s almost easier to win an Oscar than it is to win praise for the way you look on the red carpet. So we’re especially pleased to note that Stockland Martel celebrity stylist Sam Spector‘s styling of actor Daniel Radcliffe was considered a red-carpet winner. None other than named Radcliffe, who sported a Prada […]