Art Streiber photographs Steven Spielberg for Entertainment Weekly

Art Streiber photographed Steven Spielberg for a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly featuring a tour of the Universal Studios back lot with the legendary director. “I have photographed him more than a dozen times over the last 17 years,” notes Art. “When Spielberg walked onto the set, I handed him the camera and told him […]

Matthias Clamer photographs James Corden, the king of carpool karaoke, standing on a sunken Mercedes for the cover of Entertainment Weekly

Michael Muller photographs Benedict Cumberbatch as “Doctor Strange”

Michael Muller recently photographed Benedict Cumberbatch in costume as Doctor Strange, the character he plays in the upcoming Marvel superhero film of the same name. The images were published in Entertainment Weekly‘s “First Look” issue, which offers readers an extra-early sneak peek at the November 4 release. Read the article here.  

Art Streiber photographs the cast of “American Crime Story” on set for the cover of Entertainment Weekly

Art Streiber recently photographed the cast of American Crime Story, the first episode of which airs tonight on FX, on the 20th Century Fox Studios soundstage where the series was filmed. “We shot on a meticulously re-created set of the LA Superior courtroom where O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ronald […]

Art Streiber photographs “The New Faces of ‘Fargo'”


Michael Muller photographs “The Gorgeous and the Geeky” at Comic-Con 2015 for Entertainment Weekly. Plus: See seven of Michael’s 2015 superhero covers for the magazine

Jeff Lipsky photographs “Mom” star Allison Janney enjoying “3 Rounds” for Entertainment Weekly


Jeff Lipsky photographs Hollywood legends Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, stars of the new Netflix series “Grace and Frankie”

The new Netflix original series Grace and Frankie premieres today, starring Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda as longtime rivals who suddenly find themselves in the same boat when their husbands announce that they’ve both been having an affair—with each other. In real life, the two Hollywood legends—who famously costarred in 9 to 5—have been friends […]

Art Streiber photographs Jimmy Kimmel for the cover of Entertainment Weekly


A peek at Entertainment Weekly’s 11-page spread featuring Art Streiber’s backstage photographs from the Oscars. Plus: Art’s morning-after portraits of Common and J.K. Simmons



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