Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat (March) How Did She Die?

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Do you know what you will learn upon searching for Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat? Read this composition if you want a quick recap about the trouble.

Have you realized what has caused the death of a Mexican lady? If you are unfamiliar with this latest news, then read this article.

We should maintain specific rules during gym time to be safe and prevent injury. But, recently, we discovered that most users from Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States are commenting and discussing over a death tape. Thus, in this article, we will highlight a few updates about the tragedy. So, don’t fade before reading our analysis on Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat.

Why is The Topic Being Discussed?

As per the accumulated data, we observed that a video has been trending over Twitter and Reddit from February’s end. Upon peeling the tape, we discovered that at a Peralvillo-based gym, a lady was unfortunately trapped by the Smith Machine, designed for squatting. 

After reading the above section, several queries like how and why the women died might appear in your mind. So, let us dig more about the disaster a little deeper from the following paragraphs to clear your doubts efficiently.

Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Video Analysis 

We saw that a woman visited and was roaming around the gym near the Smith Machine in the recording. After some time, she got closer to the machine and tried to lift the 180 kilos or 405 pounds barbels. Furthermore, after raising the weights, the lady seemed uncomfortable, and soon she crashed down on the machine’s bench with the heavyweights. 

Several threads implied that she was with her daughter while the incident occurred. So, let us move further and locate the moments that happened within the remaining seconds of the video featuring Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat

What Happened After Her Collision On Bench?

Later on, the video reveals that the other gym members arrived to help her after seeing the misfortune. At first, a guy near the machine tried to pull the barbell, but he couldn’t, then several people lifted the weights from the women. Finally, after the people released the loads, she fell on the floor, causing her death on the spot. 

Moreover, her daughter, wearing a yellow jacket, and the other members seem shocked in the video. The Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat death tape drifted over the Internet mainly on 12th March 2022, and it accumulated millions of views till now. 

Further Information

According to a source, the woman died due to cardiac arrest. However, the examination is still on the way. 

How Are Web Surfers Reacting?

The tape has scattered on different social media, including Reddit and YouTube. Furthermore, most users felt terrible and said it was a horrific incident. Also, many are praying for her daughter. But, on the other hand, many people are saying to follow the gym’s norms correctly to avoid such disasters. 


The Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat tape and news made us aware of lifting weights according to our strength in the gym. In addition, the incident also tells us to understand the usage process of equipment properly. Visit here to observe more people’s comments about this gym disaster  

What are your comments on this incident? Please suggest your opinion below.

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