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In the post, we discuss the Write for Us Health and the guidelines required to submit your article.

Do you have excellent writing skills which you need to showcase the world? Do you want to contribute your write-up to the world-recognized platform? If yes, this is the best opportunity to learn, grow, and post your article on a well-known platform. So, this article is crucial for you because, in this post, we have explained all the details required to write your article.

The article also explains the benefits the writer can obtain for contributing to Write for Us Health, so read the post carefully until the end to gain all the information you require to post your article.

Who we are?

We are a news, products, and article reviews world-recognized website that posts articles on various segments, including Health. Our website posts articles on diverse health segments, which helps the world audience to improve their Health. On our website, we write posts encouraging users to enhance their Health, how they can improve their Health, and other aspects related to Health. 

We deliver qualitative content that helps users worldwide; thus, we have millions of repeat audiences for the Write for Us + Health category and other segments. Our posts are based on realistic facts, data, and recent studies. Our articles’ information is well-researched from various sources; therefore, audiences worldwide rely on our articles for information. We are happy that we always receive repeated audiences with new ones.

Our platforms always welcome innovative minds; thus, we must have writing boundaries for our writers. The writers are free to opt for the writing style that is suitable to them, but you need to follow some rules and regulations to write your post. These guidelines are explained below, so read these guest post submission guidelines carefully. 

Guidelines to Contribute to Health Write for Us

Here are some essential guidelines for users to follow while writing their articles and submitting their posts.

  • Your post must be entirely 100% original, even without 1% plagiarism. If we found plagiarism in your articles, your article would be rejected, so make sure you write your article in your own words.
  • Your post must be SEO friendly so it gets ranked higher on the search engine. To make your post SEO-friendly, use interrogative words or read further SEO-friendly tips from Google.
  • When you are writing your “Write for Us” + Health post, ensure it needs to be in a proper format with proper headings and subheadings. However, ensure the article has easy and understandable language so everyone can easily understand it.
  • While writing your articles, you must adhere to the word limit, which is a minimum of 1500 to a maximum of 2500 words. However, it would help if you didn’t use inappropriate comments to meet the word limit.
  • Your post must be free from abusive words, language, or sentences. So, make sure your article doesn’t hurt the sentiments of anyone with your write-up.
  • Health + “Write for Us” posts must be free from punctuation marks, spelling, or grammatical mistakes. Your article’s grammatical score needs to be more than 98+.
  • The post needs to be based on factual data, information, and accurate statistics. So, ensure your post has knowledge based on recent events and news.
  • While writing your article, the user must remember to use the keyword with the right proportion properly. The right proportion for the keyword is to use a keyword every 100 words, which means in a 1000-word article, you need to use the keywords 10 times. However, your article keyword density must be 2%.

These are general but necessary guidelines that you need to follow in your Health “Write for Us”  article. So, make sure that you write your article using these guidelines only to get your article selected.

Benefits of submitting guest posts with us

Here are some essential benefits you can opt for when writing your guest post, which are explained below.

  • Your confidence will improve because you are writing for one of the prestigious platforms, and a world audience reads your post. 
  • It will help you in generating organic traffic on your website. 
  • With these guest posts, you can check out the SERP of your post and will work on its improvement.
  • Write for Us Health will help you in your career growth in the future.

You can opt for certain benefits while writing your guest post, but besides these benefits, there are many other benefits you can also obtain.

Know your topic!

  • Why Health is essential?
  • Benefits of good Health.
  • What do you mean by Health?
  • Tips for good Health.
  • Types of Health
  • Steps to Improve Your Health

These are some topics on Health on which you can write your article, but apart from these topics, you can write your article besides these topics based on Health. You can write your article on any topic, but make sure that you follow the guidelines mentioned earlier carefully.

How do you submit your Write for Us + Health?

If the guidelines mentioned earlier are clear for you and you can write your article using these guidelines, then write a sample using these guidelines. Once you finish your article, send your post on contact.stocklandmartelblog22@gmail.com. As soon as we receive your article, our quality analysis team will check your article and revert you. If your article has all the mentioned guidelines and has excellent knowledge and quality, our team will contact you as soon as possible. 


If you are dedicated and want to grow your writing skills, write a sample using the following guidelines and send it to us at the email ID mentioned above. However, this is an excellent opportunity to learn and grow your writing skills.

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