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Did you watch the latest episodes of the new thrilling web series on Netflix? Do you want to know about the Zambian Meat Toronto case? Read this article.

Netflix is coming up with exciting TV series, drama, and other thrilling shows to please its audience. And sometimes, these shows or series are based on real-life stories. And one such series is the Catching Killers series.

This web series was originally released in Canada, the United States, the United KingdomAustralia, and other countries in December 2021; and has created a spur among viewers since then as they try to search more about these real-life killer cases like the Zambian Meat Toronto case, which we will discuss today.

About the Netflix Series: Catching Killers

Netflix’s new Catching Killers is a true-crime TV documentary written by JJ Holoubek. It was first released on 8 December 2021 and followed the series of events described by the police and investigators as they solved the cases of the world’s dangerous killers.

The show is divided into two seasons with four episodes in each. The second season aired on Netflix on 9 February 2022.

The cases are from around the world, from Seattle, Florida, Portland, Kansas, Arizona, and Toronto.

What is Zambian Meat Cannibalism?

The 7th and 8th episodes of the Catching Killers series talk about the missing men case where these men were later found to be cannibalized by an unknown person.

Cannibalism is the brutal act of eating human flesh by humans. All the missing men were gay, and detectives received an international tip one-day providing claims of cannibalism. The person who gave this tip informed the lead detective about the Zambian Meat website, where people freely talked about cannibalism using some code names.

While this is a brutal act, and we strictly do not support it, we simply provide you with information about this case.

The Zambian Meat Killer Case Explained

This case was first taken up in 2012 with a dedicated team involving detectives, police, mobile teams, and others. However, it was a failed attempt as the real person behind the missing gay men was not found. But instead, the detectives arrested James Brunton (the suspect) and put him in jail for other crimes.

The case started fresh when more similar men went missing around Toronto in 2017. With leads and extreme hard work of the dedicated investigation team, the real killer of these men was found- Bruce Mc Arthur.

He pleaded guilty in court in January 2019 and was sentenced to life in prison.

The Zambian Meat Forum or website is no longer active as per the information.

Audience Reviews for Catching Killers

The viewers definitely loved watching this series as 92% of viewers liked the TV show. It has received a 6.6/10 IMDb rating.

We have found the audience recommended this series to people who love true crime stories.

The Final Words

Netflix’s Catching Killers web series is thrilling and exciting as you get to see the real case investigators explain their point of view while solving these real-life cases.

The last two episodes of the second season of this series are based on the Zambian Meat Toronto. And we have explained all the information about the same above, in this article.

If you have any thoughts, please express below in the feedback box. Also, we have provided you with the information only about this case and series and we do not promote such activities.

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