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In this post, we have discussed the Zambian Meats Canada site which was suspected to be involved in a cannibalism murder case, as per sources.

Have you heard of the cannibalistic activities of Zambian Meat? Do you want to know more about it? If yes, tune into the post. 

Zambian Meats Canada is a website that is becoming famous around the world, especially in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia, for its cannibalistic activities and discussion. A brutal case of cannibalism has resurfaced the internet, and the Zambian Meat site is the main platform that made individuals concerned about the case. 

So, in this article, we will talk about the website Zambian Meat and the brutal case of cannibalism that has shocked the world. 

Zambian Meat Site Information  

  • Creation Date: The Zambian Meat site was created on 28th November 2005. 
  • Domain Registrar: GoDaddy.
  • Reviews: No reviews are specified on the site. 
  • Status: Not Active for a while. 

What Is Zambian Meat?

Zambian Meat site is an online community where individuals who share a sadomasochistic orientation, brutal thinking and savagery to life. People in the online community of Zambian Meat may discuss their private desires about one another. 

As per various online sources, the Zambian Meat community tends to converse with people in the community about the idea of slaughter and intake of some other live creature of the very same species, such as a human being eating another human being or a tiger eating another tiger. 

Forum of  Zambian Meat

The Zambian Meat Forum is now the site where individuals may connect over conversations and SMS to communicate their perspectives on cannibalism. As the online forum is not active currently, whether the forum spreads the notion of cannibalism to the general public or it discusses the notion. The forum is also regarded as being the most mysterious, as it contains no data about its ownership.

In Germany Europe, one such horrendous incident of cannibalism has been uncovered, shocking the community, which made many headlines. The case of cannibalism was related to the Zambian Meat site forum, as per police officers investigating the case.

The Zambian Meat Wiki Case 

A particularly violent incident has been highlighted. The Dresden Police Department examined a case in which Detlev, a police officer, has been charged and convicted of killing & eating a man. 

The accused dumped the parts of the body in the yard, as per police. They connected on the Zambian Meat website, as suspected by authorities. 

We don’t really have comprehensive verification in this matter, and the information is obtained through an online source.


The Zambian Meat site is currently not active and zero data is found on the website. Although police suspect they met on the site. For more information about Cannibalism, click here.

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