Is Starbucks Cup Sizes a Scam {June 2022} Find Review!

Latest News Is Starbucks Cup Sizes a Scam

This article is for the readers who are confused and require some clarity on Is Starbucks Cup Sizes a Scam or not and want the truth behind the video.

Did you see the video that went viral in May 2022? Do you want to know whether the claim on the video about the cup size scam is real or not? We all know that Starbucks Worldwide has many outlets with different menus and coffee styles. Through this article, we will provide a detailed insight on Is Starbucks Cup Sizes a Scam and clear the confusion about the cup sizes of Starbucks. So, let’s find out. 

Is Starbuck scamming people with their cup sizes?

Recently, a video went viral on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. A man was pouring water from one cup to another and showing that the sizes of the Starbuck coffee cups were the same. 

At first, it was surprising as many people from Worldwide like to get their coffee from Starbucks, and if the allegation is true, it’s a big scam. Unfortunately, the claim is wrong, and the sizes of the cups in Starbucks are different. Let’s see the whole truth behind the video. 

About Coffee Scam Video Fake

The good news is that the video was not right, as the sizes of the Starbuck cups are not similar and don’t contain the same volume. The person takes three cups available in any Starbuck outlet, and he pours the water from one cup to another to show the audience that the quantity and the volume of the cups are the same. However, the cups are not transparent, so we couldn’t see whether the cup was filled already or not. 

The cup was probably already filled at a certain amount, so when the water gets transferred, it seems like the sizes are the same. 

Is Starbucks Cup Sizes a Scam

No, the allegations on the coffee cup sizes at the Starbuck are not right, as it is claimed that different sizes have different quantities. The sizes that are available in Starbucks are Tall (12-ounce), Grante (16-ounce), and Venti (20-ounce). 

Different articles have different theories regarding how the man pulls out the same amount of liquid from different glasses. Some say that the video is edited, while some say that he is using some trick by filling the bottom of the cup as the cup is not transparent. 

What do the viewers have to say about the video?

When the video got released about the Starbucks Coffee Cup Size Scam, the viewers started doubting Starbucks, but then, after they searched for the truth, they found out that the video was not right and provided wrong information to the audience. 

However, the man said that the video is for a fun purpose, and there are similar videos present on social media and apps like TikTok related to different outlet cups like Mcdonald’s. 

People who are daily users of Starbucks know the difference between size and quantity. 

Final Words 

By looking at the above information regarding the Starbuck Coffee cup scam and getting insight into Is Starbucks Cup Sizes a Scam, we can conclude that the video is not right and viewers shouldn’t believe it. It’s an entertaining purpose video and should be taken as entertainment only. What’s your favourite drink at Starbucks? Please share your answer with us in the comment section. Also, learn about How to avoid a Scam here.

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