Melanie Acevedo talks to Feature Shoot about the photo project she plans to pursue indefinitely

Melanie Acevedo has been casually photographing her two children, Violet and Rocky, since they were born, but her photos were far from personal snapshots. The images she captured alternately revealed the inner life of her children as well as the marvel of being a parent and watching your child grow. They were universal moments with […]

Highlights from other photo blogs

. Feature Shoot spotlighted Mahesh Shantaram’s photos of “the colorful remains of over the top Indian weddings.” Excerpt: “I have been documenting wedding sets and little associated details at weddings because I find them to be fascinating metaphors of my country’s penchant for order and chaos; colour and noise; and the peculiar sense of taste […]

This week’s highlights from other photo blogs

.. Julie Grahame at aCurator featured Leland Bobbé’s gritty b&w photos of “New York City’s Seamy 70s”—specifically, of the Bowery and Times Square. The images had been tucked away in Bobbé’s archives and are, writes Julie, “virtually unseen.” “The Bowery was the end of the line for many,” Bobbé says in the blog post. “Some […]

Fulvio Bonavia at Feature Shoot

. Alison Zavos, the photo editor of Feature Shoot, has posted a selection of photos by our own Fulvio Bonavia, who, as she notes, was named Photographer of the Year for 2010 by the Mobius Awards. You can read her post here. . . .

Not bad for a 16-year-old

.. Nirrimi Hakanson is just a normal 16-year-old with big dreams. Really big dreams. This young Australian wants to be shooting for Vogue before she reaches adulthood. “Photography took my hands and led me to a personal paradise at age thirteen, and I’ve been self-taught and seeing life through a lens since,” she tells Alison […]

Portrait series showcases venerable photographers with their iconic images

… In December of 2006, photographer Tim Mantoani began making portraits of renowned photographers holding one of their best-known images. It was a personal project times two: personal for him and for the photographer he was shooting. As he explains in a recent interview with Feature Shoot, “In some cases it is obvious which image […]