Brinson+Banks photograph 48 Oscar nominees (some of whom turned out to be winners) for Variety’s Oscar Lunch 2016

Below, eight of our favorite portraits from the assignment. See more here.        

Lady Gaga’s first creative collaboration with Polaroid inspires charity exhibition

Remember when Polaroid named Lady Gaga its creative director, resulting in the Polaroid Grey Label line? Well, the GL10 Instant Mobile Printer is the first product born of this unlikely partnership, and like Gaga herself, it’s making a grand entrance. For the upcoming “50|50|50” exhibition, Polaroid invited 50 artists from around the globe to use […]

Spotlight: Matthew Rolston

Matthew Rolston has photographed just about every film, music, and television star working today. His approach to glamour, which embodies Hollywood’s past and its grand tradition of celebrity portraiture, has helped define the modern aesthetics of celebrity and beauty photography. Matthew’s career as a photographer and director had a most auspicious, and unusual, beginning: He […]

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders photographs Yoko, Sean, Antony, Patti, and Lou backstage at benefit concert for Japan

A wide range of members of the creative community—from Lady Gaga and Linkin Park to photographer Aline Smithson and gallerist Crista Dix, who together organized Life Support Japan—have been doing their part to contribute to the relief efforts for Japan. Last week, for example, a hefty $34,000 was raised at a star-studded benefit concert March […]

Pleased to meat you: Barbie as Lady Gaga

Remember when Lady Gaga swathed herself in a dress made of raw meat for the MTV Video Music Awards back in September, upstaging VMA presenter Cher? (Cher was probably wondering why her favorite designer of outrageous eveningwear had never thought to use beef as a material. Especially considering the dress’ name could have written itself: […]

Polaroid goes Gaga

. . Polaroid was always a populist brand, but its latest move is mass-appeal to the max: The company has announced that Lady Gaga has signed on as creative director and “inventor of specialty products.” “The Haus of Gaga has been developing prototypes in the vein of fashion /technology /photography innovation – blending the iconic […]