Art Streiber photographs First Lady Michelle Obama for the cover of Variety


Kwaku Alston photographs the President and First Lady for Essence’s October issue

“I was extremely proud and humbled for the opportunity to photograph our President and First Lady,” says Kwaku Alston of his cover shoot with Barack and Michelle Obama for Essence‘s October issue. “Thank you, Essence, for the many years of support and encouragement.”  

Kwaku Alston photographs First Lady Michelle Obama for the cover of Essence

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American Photography 28: Kwaku Alston

. During a portrait session with First Lady Michelle Obama for Essence magazine last July, Kwaku Alston shot some photographs for his personal portfolio, including the one above, which was selected for American Photography 28. Below, a slideshow of Kwaku’s work from the pages of previous editions of the photo annual. .

Julia Louis-Dreyfus by Melanie Acevedo

. With the recent debut of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ new series, the HBO comedy Veep, the former Seinfeld star has been getting lots of press—and from what we’ve seen, this portrait by Melanie Acevedo seems to be a favorite of Julia’s and the photo editors. It’s a photograph that Melanie shot a couple of years ago […]

New work: Art Streiber photographs the Obamas for People magazine

The new issue of People features an exclusive White House interview with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, who—along with Bo, the First Dog—were photographed for the magazine by Art Streiber. “We were scheduled to have 10 minutes with the President and First Lady and Bo, for two setups—the closeup and the wide […]

Grids’ Cover of the Day: Kwaku Alston’s Michelle Obama portrait for Essence

. Grids, the blog of the Society of Publication Designers, featured Kwaku Alston‘s Essence cover portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama as yesterday’s Cover of the Day. Congratulations to Kwaku and Essence creative director Greg Monfries and photo editor Rebecca Karamehmedovic! Kwaku has posted additional portraits of the First Lady at his blog, along with […]

Kwaku Alston photographs Michelle Obama for Essence’s “Power List” cover story

Who’s got the power? Find out in the October issue of Essence, whose “Power List” celebrates the “28 Most Influential Black Women.” On the cover: a radiant portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama as photographed by Kwaku Alston. . . “Obama is joined by other notable women, including Oprah Winfrey, Valerie Jarrett, Iyanla Vanzant, Jada […]

Spotlight: Kwaku Alston

Kwaku Alston has photographed some of the most famous faces in the world—from Hollywood luminaries and Grammy winners to President Barack Obama and the First Family—for editorial and advertising clients ranging from Crate & Barrel, Coca-Cola, Blackberry, Target, and Verizon to The New York Times Magazine, Real Simple, and Time. His portraits have a fresh, […]

It happened last week…featuring Nino Munoz, Nadav Kander, Kwaku Alston, Roxanne Lowit, Vincent Laforet, and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

. Last week was a vacation week for me but a bustling time for Stockland Martel’s photographers. Herewith, some highlights: . . The Huffington Post created a gallery of the entire military-themed Gisele Bundchen fashion story that Nino Munoz shot for Vogue and invited readers to “let us know which is Gisele’s fiercest moment.”   […]