Nigel Cox photographs the cover image for Newsweek’s “El Chapo’s Narco Mafia” story


“Mad Men” in motion, by Art Streiber

Did you catch the iPad edition of Newsweek‘s recent Mad Men issue? It included a motion piece by Art Streiber, who also shot the cover story. Here, he explains how it came together… . . “When I was assigned to photograph the Mad Men cover of Newsweek, Creative Director Dirk Barnett and Photography Director Scott […]

Art Streiber shoots “Mad Men” cover story for retro issue of Newsweek

. The new issue of Newsweek is a smart-looking tribute both to the heyday of the original Mad men and to the hit AMC series inspired by them: Mad Men‘s long-awaited fifth season debuts at 9 PM on Sunday. Though the articles are au courant, the design of the issue harks back to the 60s, […]

Newsweek charts the “evolution of man” via its covers

How have men and perceptions of masculinity changed over the years? Newsweek endeavors to show us by way of its covers, like this 1968 one featuring a story on “Male Plumage.” Click here or on the image to view the gallery. . . .

Polaroid and the artists who love it

Newsweek‘s website is presenting a slide show on Polaroid film and the fine artists—people like Chuck Close, Mary Ellen Mark, Philip Lorca di Corcia, and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders—who cherish it for reasons that go far beyond its ability to provide instant gratification. Here’s Timothy’s segment, featuring his portrait of Michelle Obama: ……. ……. …….