Why Video Is Important For Growing Your Brand

Video Is Important For Growing Your Brand: If we consider the last few years, videos have taken social media by storm. Videos have also become one of the most vital elements in building a successful brand. When it comes to having an effective strategy for brand marketing, it is all about creating content for the audience that adds value.

Considering the previous trends, video ads were always in demand when creating brand-building content. So, does it also mean that businesses will have to rely on videos only in the future? Are videos essential in making a brand successful and prominent?

The answer is YES!

This post gives you a clear reflection of why videos have become so influential for growing your brand. It also talks about why it should be a part of brand marketing strategy.

  • Videos Help in Expressing the Unique Style of the Brand

The use of videos can take the brand to the next level beyond logos and colour palettes. Videos also enable businesses to inject the brand style into costumes, colour grading, sets, animations, and music. Brands with more elements to play with will have more space to create a unique and distinct identity for the brand. This will also help them make a long-lasting impression on the target audience.

  • Videos Represent the Complete Identity of the Brand

It takes so much hard work for businesses to create an identity for the brand. So, why not give a complete view of the brand to the potential audience in reality? In this context, videos have been one of the most accessible ways to represent the brand’s complete identity.

Of course, blog posts have been best when it comes to sharing the concepts and ideas of the brand along with its tone and voice. You have imagery and pictures that show the businesses that make up the brand. But above all, videos are the only way to bring all these vital elements together. Though beginning with it can be a challenge, finding the right resource, creative mindset, continuous practice, and professional video editor businesses can create videos they will share with sheer pride.

 Thus, it represents the complete identity of the brand. In a way, businesses will form personal connections with the target audience through videos.

  • Videos Help in Conveying the Brand’s Message Clearly

 If a picture is worth a thousand words, videos are worth 1.8 million words; this is something that research suggests. Astonishingly, viewers tend to remember 95% of a message they see on a video. But the ratio is only 10% when they read it in a text. When it comes to letting your audience understand the message, no matter how complex and sophisticated it is, nothing beats videos.

Videos have been an unmatched medium when brands need to introduce new products or services in their range of offerings. You can easily create a promo video of your new product and share across the internet. What’s more interesting is that videos eliminate the need for the limitation of text blocks. Eventually, it paves the way for combining sound and images to create a strong impression. Also, it delivers the message straight away to the potential customers.

  • Videos Help in Building Strong Emotional Connect with the Audience

The overall concept of brand affinity depends on the significance of “affinity” (for bonding and empathy if we break it). As video is the most effective and one-to-one creative medium available, it helps brands create strong bonds with the audience.  

When someone spends a considerable amount of time-consuming videos from any given brand, it seems that the person has spent a lot of time with the company behind that brand. Ultimately, businesses want people to spend more and more with their brand, have strong connections, and feel closer to the brand – all these purposes can be achieved through videos.

  • Videos Make You Stand Out on Social Media

Thanks to the pandemic, there has been a significant upsurge in the popularity of video-based content on social media. Both Facebook and Instagram have reported a massive hike of around 40% in overall activity since March 2020.

One must also know that an average person spends almost 6 hours and 48 minutes a week consuming videos online. So, you must understand that there has never been a better time than this to start making video-based content.

Videos on social media work as a powerful sales tool for the brand and enable businesses to showcase their brand’s most dynamically. If you also want to stand out from others and acquire an engaged audience on social media, you will have to rely on a lot of video content. It is also motivating to know that videos have higher conversion rates on any platform than image posts. So, want your content to be seen, post a video today!

  • Videos Convey the Personalities of the Team Members

Businesses must understand that branding never works well when used only as a top layer of marketing. To be effective, it is essential to come from the core foundation of the business – i.e., values, collective ideas, and actions of the people involved in the business.

When a brand documents the whole team in a video, they easily capture a wide range of expressions. Videos offer excellent opportunities to showcase the character by previewing who the brand is and what it is all about to the broad target audience. Even though the team members are not trained professional actors, including them in the videos makes them more personal.

It’s high time you must level up your efforts for brand marketing and tell your story through videos. It is always good to start investing more and more in videos to form the best brand marketing strategy for this year. The results will always be in your favour, and things will turn.

So, now that you are aware of the importance of videos for a brand, it’s time to invest in making video-based content. This way, you will appeal to your target audience and create a strong presence.

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