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We’re at 500,000 views — and counting!

The Stockland Martel blog has just reached a major milestone: Yesterday, it crossed over the half-million mark. Our blog has been viewed 500,000 times since we launched it in April 2009 (more than 501,000 times, actually, as of this writing). And our monthly views have spiked from an average of 299 that first April to […]

New work: Art Streiber shoots Ginnifer Goodwin fashion story for Boston Common magazine

Most people think of celebrity portraits when they think of Art Streiber, but early in his career, from ’89 to ’93, he was a co-bureau chief for W and WWD in Milan. He shot everything: portraits, travel, events, food, still lifes, and a lot of fashion—both in the studio and on location in Rome, Venice, […]