Fashion TV interviews Matthew Rolston on set with Janet Jackson

Getting more than you bargained for isn’t always a bad thing. To coincide with the publication of Matthew Rolston’s Beauty Light, a collection of iconic portraits of famous faces, ranging from Angelina Jolie to Oprah, Fashion TV had planned to do a “day in the life of” feature on the photographer. The day they were going to interview him, however, Rolston was scheduled to shoot Grammy-winning artist Janet Jackson for a book accompanying her upcoming North American tour. The resulting segment offers a rare look at both Rolston’s philosophy and his working process, taking viewers on a visit to his home and studio, as well as to the set. “He’s such a genius at what he does,” Jackson tells Fashion TV. Ironically, the singer was after photos that had a “day in the life” feel. I wanted it to feel more reportage…. So I had to put it in someone hands who I felt I could truly trust,” she says. “And that’s Matthew.”

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