Nadav Kander’s “Turbo Face” portraits for Hyundai

Usually, car ads try to woo you by showing how sexy and awesome you’ll look in a certain vehicle. They try to flatter you. Not flatten you. Clearly, the print ads for Hyundai’s 2011 Sonata Turbo—shot by Nadav Kander for art director Frauke Tiemann at Innocean Worldwide—are not the usual.


"Turbo Face: Paul." Photo by Nadav Kander for Hyundai.

"Turbo Face: Al." Photo by Nadav Kander for Hyundai.

"Turbo Face: Katie." Photo by Nadav Kander for Hyundai.

"Turbo Face: Grant." Photo by Nadav Kander for Hyundai.


“Based on a preview of [the] new Sonata turbo campaign last week, Hyundai has not skipped a beat and continues its bold and distinctive advertising. … The turbo campaign is based on the facial expressions of Sonata drivers when the turbo power kicks in while driving. Naturally the commercial is called Turbo Face. Think about g-force dives and the first drop on a rollercoaster to get a mental image,” writes Marty Bernstein of the automotive webzine The Detroit Bureau.

“Granted it’s an off-beat image, but the point is certainly well made about sudden acceleration and does, I believe, grab the viewers’ attention. … The print portion of the campaign continues the turbo face concept with the four distinctive print ads using turbo face photos with and good car shots.”

He goes on to ask, “Getting the photos did not involve any sudden acceleration, so how did the photographer capture the shot? Any ideas?”

I’ve been wondering about the very same thing, Marty. Nadav is busy with a shoot in L.A. right now, so I’ll ask him when he’s back in the U.K. Watch this space…



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