Pro Photo Daily’s Weekend Update: Eugene Richards leaves Reportage by Getty, gallerist Brian Clamp on how he chooses photogs to represent, Apple on the zebra image it picked to show off new laptop’s Retina display, and more


written by David Schonauer


Eugene Richards Leaves Reportage by Getty Images

Getty’s Aidan Sullivan says in a statement that “we have mutually agreed that Getty Images is no longer the right fit for Gene.” British Journal of Photography


Canon Rumors: 7D MKII to Become Entry-Level Full Frame

Also rumored: The 70D, until now thought to be the replacement for the 60D, might be replacing both the 60D and 7D. Got it straight? Canon Watch


French Prez Portrait Stirs Controversy and Mockery

It sounded good on paper: Some people are now saying that revered French photog Raymond Depardon’s official portrait of Francois Hollande makes the new prez just look “lost.” PetaPixel


New App Lets You Share WiFi for Free

The Open Garden app allows users to share web access with each other—which might be great for people…such as photographers…who travel a lot. The Huffington Post


What Galleries Want From Photographers

An interview with Brian Clamp of New York’s ClampArt Gallery. Photo District News


Anna Wintour Aiming for an Ambassadorship?

The Vogue editor has become a big Obama fundraiser…and people are wondering whether she wants to ditch fashion for the diplomatic corp. the guardian


The Story Behind the Photo On the New MacBook Pro Screen

To show off its new laptop’s hi-res Retina display, Apple chose a very fine picture of zebras by noted wildlife photog Steve Bloom. British Journal of Photography


FYI: These 6 Corporations Control 90% of America’s Media

Just in case you were wondering. BUSINESS INSIDER


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