New photo book “The Naked & the Nude”

The Naked & the Nude

“The Naked & the Nude.”


The Naked & the Nude is a new photography book featuring work by some of contemporary art’s best-known names, from Duane Michals, Alex Majoli, Joel-Peter Witkin, Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, and Vanessa Beecroft to our own Nadav Kander. This handsome volume, printed in a limited edition of 500, was curated by Peter Weiermair and designed by Gianni Giulianelli and Maddalena Gracis of Ice & Ghiaccio/K Lab.

The book is part of an annual series that began eight years ago and is not available for sale; rather, it’s a high-end promotional showcase for upscale printing company Grafiche Dell’Artiere, based in Bologna, Italy. “The point of the book was to showcase the abilities of the printer, and we evolved it into something that went beyond that purpose and became a piece of art,” explains Maddalena, who is married to Stockland Martel photographer Jorg Badura.

This past January, The Naked & the Nude made its public premiere in Bologna in the anatomical theater at the Archiginnasio, which was built as a university in the 16th century. In the photo below, the book is displayed on the actual table where anatomy was once studied. Plans are in the works for events promoting the project in Frankfurt and New York City.


"The Naked & the Nude" on display on the original anatomy table at the 16th-century Archiginnasio in Bolgona.

“The Naked & the Nude” on display on the original anatomy table at the 16th-century Archiginnasio in Bolgona.


From left: Gianni Gamberini of printer Grafiche Dell’Artiere; curator Peter Weiermair; and art directors Maddalena Gracis and Gianni Giulianelli.

Audrey with toes and wrist bent, 2011,

“Audrey with toes and wrist bent, 2011,” from Nadav Kander’s series “Bodies. 6 Women, 1 Man,” is featured in “The Naked & the Nude.”




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