interviews Matthew Rolston about “Talking Heads” and features a gallery of photos from the book

Matthew Rolston - CNN Photos


CNN Photos, whose mission is to provide “powerful, inspiring stories through photography and offer a behind-the-scenes look at emerging and established photographers,” has published a significant online feature that includes an interview and gallery presentation  about Matthew Rolston and his new book, Talking Heads: The Vent Haven Portraits.

Talking Heads showcases Matthew’s portraits of vintage ventriloquist dummies from the Vent Haven Museum in Kentucky, and though it’s far from being his first book, it is his first fine-art monograph. Talking Heads also, as CNN Photos notes, provided Matthew with a fresh new creative opportunity.


“Talking Heads: The Vent Haven Portraits,” by Matthew Rolston. Published by Pointed Leaf Press.

“The project freed Rolston to work without an agenda for the first time in his career,” writes CNN Photos’ Elizabeth I. Johnson.

“In much the same way that he would direct a Hollywood star,” she writes, “Rolston manipulated the miniature faces. Many of the figures’ mouths, eyelids and eyebrows move; some have tear ducts for crying and holes in their lip for smoking; some can wiggle their ears. But Rolston feels that the eyes make a soulful connection to the camera.”

“I was thrilled at the human energy coming off the objects,” Matthew told CNN Photos. “They’re steeped in humanity.”

Read the complete interview, and see a gallery of his Talking Heads portraits, here.

For more information about Matthew Rolston and Talking Heads: The Vent Haven Portraits, please click here, and to purchase a copy, please click here.



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