New work: Jorg Badura for Nikon

Jorg Badura_Nikon

Photo by Jorg Badura for Nikon.


One of Jorg Badura‘s latest shoots took him to the gorgeous coast of France, where he photographed the above sailing image promoting the new Nikon 1 AW1—”the first waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof advanced camera with interchangeable lenses,” according to Nikon.

“This was a fun project because I used the Nikonos cameras for some of my first underwater photography,” says Jorg. “This camera has a lot of the same design but obviously a lot more technology.”

The image is being used to market the camera in Europe, hence the location. “Nice had the perfect conditions for our shoot,” Jorg writes on his blog. “I welcomed the production-friendly atmosphere, the buttoned-up production team, and the amazing food and coffee. The client and ad agency were great collaborators—and seaworthy.”


Jorg Badura_Fenocchio

Panorama while walking along the ice cream display at Fenocchio. Photos by Jorg Badura.


Jorg’s studio manager and assistant, Don Razniewski, enjoying the Mediterranean. Photo by Jorg Badura.


Nice was an “an unusual setting” for the shoot, but the conditions were perfect, says Jorg.


Jorg captured a tattoo that says it all. “As always, I wish I would have had a couple more days to explore…”




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    Congrats Jorg!

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