New York’s icy temps fail to freeze out fans of Michael Jordan, who waited in line to tour Jordan Brand HQ and see Walter Iooss’ iconic portraits

A wide selection of Walter Iooss’ most famous photographs of NBA superstar Michael Jordan were exhibited last weekend in New York City at Jordan Brand, where hundreds of basketball fans lined up—despite the biting cold—for the chance to tour the headquarters and view the portraits.

The show featured “large reproductions on canvas that decorated a long, wide hallway on both sides,” reports Sports Illustrated, which called the exhibit “remarkable.”

“Iooss wrote little notes about where and when he took some of his most famous shots, including the enduring shot from the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest, the captivating all-white photo used as the cover for Rare Air, and a locker-room celebration photo that shows Jordan holding a cigar and wearing a wide smile.” (Read more here.)

Below, that famous Slam Dunk shot, plus a peek at the exhibition, courtesy of Walter himself.


Walter Iooss_Michael Jordan iconic

Michael Jordan in 1988. Photo by Walter Iooss.

Walter Iooss_Brand Jordan

An installation view of the exhibition of Walter’s photos at Jordan Brand in New York City.


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