Go behind the scenes of Jimmy Chin’s astonishing photo shoot atop 1 World Trade Center for The New York Times Magazine’s New York Issue

For the cover of its New York Issue, The New York Times Magazine aimed high—as in 800 feet above Gotham, courtesy of Jimmy Chin, who climbed the spire of 1 World Trade Center in order to capture the breathtaking view. Jimmy made the unprecedented climb with Jamison Walsh, a safety liaison who works with people whose work involves scaling very tall things.



Jamison Walsh climbing the spire of the Freedom Tower. Photo by Jimmy Chin for The New York Times Magazine, June 5, 2016, issue.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.01.14 PM


Here’s an excerpt from the feature, written by Taffy Brodesser-Akner:

Jimmy Chin wasn’t all that concerned with safety, to be honest; he was more concerned about the unknowns of rigging the first shots. He wanted to convey the “airiness” of being up that high; he wanted to convey the awe he knew that he would feel — the awe that motivates everything he does, whether photographing free climbers in Yosemite for National Geographic or dangling from unclimbed sandstone towers in Chad. He was mostly thinking that shooting straight down the spire “might not give you a sense of the actual spire,” and how can you show how big the world is from up there with just one shot? He wanted the camera to swing out a little, and he was thinking of the best ways to do that. He settled on a long monopod, a six-foot pole, and that’s about all he could think about. He had returned from China a few days before, coming home jet-lagged from another big shoot. The safety issue felt like a nonissue to him. This guy was part of the first ascent of the sharkfin at Meru, in the Himalayas. He skied from the summit of Everest. He’d never climbed a skyscraper, but 1,776 feet in the air is nothing for him; 1,776 is usually what he calls a good start.

Read the full story at nytimes.com. To experience the climb for yourself, watch the video, below.





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