Portraits by Nadav Kander, Jeff Lipsky, and Art Streiber featured in Communication Arts’ 2016 Photography Annual

Congratulations to Nadav Kander, Jeff Lipsky, and Art Streiber, whose work was among the winning entries in Communication Arts‘ 2016 Photography Annual, in the editorial category. Here’s a look…


Nadav Kander_Colin Farrell

Portrait of Colin Farrell by Nadav Kander for Telegraph magazine’s interview with him for his starring role in Yorgos Lanthimos’ movie “The Lobster.” Katie Webb, art director.

Jeff Lipsky_Paige Selenski

Portrait of field hockey player Paige Selenski by Jeff Lipsky for ESPN The Magazine’s 2015 Body Issue, an annual look at the best bodies in the world of sports. Chin Wang, creative director. Karen Frank, photography director. Stephanie Weed, senior photo editor.

Art Streiber_Tony Hale

Portrait of Tony Hale by Art Streiber for The New York Times Magazine’s feature on the relationship between the characters played by him and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in HBO’s “Veep.” Gail Bichler, design director. Kathy Ryan, photography director. David La Spina, associate photo editor. Sharon Williams, stylist. Chen Keating, makeup artist.

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