Art Streiber photographs “Last Man on Earth” star Will Forte for GQ’s comic look at “How to Master the (Surprisingly Difficult) Art of Working From Home”

Art Streiber_Will Forte opener

Will Forte. Photo by Art Streiber for GQ, September 2016 issue.

Art Streiber_Will Forte 2

Tip number 4: Always be snacking. Photo by Art Streiber for GQ.

Art Streiber_Will Forte 3

Beam me up! Photo by Art Streiber for GQ.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.35.35 AM

Art on set, with a crew member standing in for Will Forte. “It only took four nets and two flags to shoe the light coming from a singular Elinchrom octabank, not pictured, at left. Yes, we could have done all of that light shaping in post, but we prefer to attack it in camera,” says Art. “And the shower curtain…? We didn’t have one on set, so we reached into the Scrim Jim bag and pulled out a 6×6 silk. There are no rules.” Photo and caption courtesy @aspictures.


Will Forte BTS

“It only takes three sources to create the classic lighting look of a transporter room: a gridded chimera strip as the hair light, a gridded chimera box as the main, and an Elinchrom octabank for fill,” says Art. Photo and caption courtesy @aspictures.



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