Matthew Rolston launches ROLSTON@LArge, an ambitious start-up whose mission is to provide fashion and beauty clients with refreshingly modern motion content

As a photographer, director, and creative director, Matthew Rolston is renowned for his striking visuals, as well as his keen understanding of image-making and branding. And with his latest venture, he is bringing that 360-degree vision to the rapidly growing motion-content arena. Rolston has joined forces with @LArge Productions & Post to launch ROLSTON@LArge, a branding and content division of @LArge that will produce and direct filmed content for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle clients.

“This is NOT the same ol’ same ol’,” notes Rolston. “ROLSTON@LArge is about a fresh take—something with real feeling in an area that’s filled with airbrushed emotions. It’s not about beauty in the sense of robotically perfect, flawless, mannequin-like models or celebrities. This is going to be a content shop for stylishly underproduced, MODERN takes on beauty and lifestyle.”

Rolston and @LArge managing director Tracy Mays will oversee the division, with Rolston in the multifaceted role of director/CD, in collaboration with Beth Aranda in charge of production and Ashley Hydrick heading postproduction.

ROLSTON@LArge will also serve as an incubator and resource for directing talent on several levels: Rolston will identify emerging directing talent, while also working with established directors who possess a fresh and modern point of view. And he’ll work with gifted still photographers who have been experimenting with the moving image but are puzzling over how to monetize their directing skills in the worlds of advertising and marketing.

“I’m the brand ambassador for this effort and will be reaching out to the photographic community,” says Rolston. “ROLSTON@LArge will be developing talent that I think will particularly appeal to creatives who are trying to think outside the box and are looking for a fresh approach.”

Rolston—who will continue to be represented as a photographer by Stockland Martel—made his name by always being ahead of the curve, and this latest venture plays to those strengths. With ROLSTON@LArge, he will bring his celebrated flair for being “tastefully disruptive,” as he puts it, to a format in need of savvy new energy.

“Matthew is one of the foremost beauty directors in the world and an iconic visionary who deeply understands brands and business,” says Mays. “ROLSTON@LArge harnesses Matthew’s creativity and energy for work with agencies and clients. It also sets the stage for the next wave of directing talent who understand how to maximize content beautifully.”



Images that express the “mood” of ROLSTON@LArge.

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