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On March 11 in Los Angeles, renowned portrait photographer Art Streiber will be giving a daylong seminar aimed at helping editorial photographers take their career to the next level. In “The Big Picture: Assignment Production, Career Management, and Self-Promotion in Today’s Editorial Market,” Art will take attendees behind the scenes of his editorial shoots, outline how to manage a photography business, and discuss today’s most effective marketing techniques.

The seminar is being presented by the Los Angeles Center of Photography in partnership with APA Los Angeles and is sponsored by the Santa Monica College Photo Department. Tuition is $175. Below, a breakdown of the day. Go here for more details and to sign up.



Art Streiber photographing the cast of “This Is Us” for an Entertainment Weekly cover story.


Part I: How It Happens.
Streiber will pull back the curtain on his published images and discuss every facet of how they were conceived, executed and finalized. From preproduction research and logistical management, to on-set problem solving and the importance of postproduction, all shoot-related issues will be covered.

Part II: Managing Your Career.
What are the four aspects of your photography business? How can you organize your workflow to maximize its effectiveness and be ready for the next big project? How do you get to the next level? These are just three of the dozens of questions that Streiber will pose and answer regarding the administration of your professional life.

Part III: Marketing for the Editorial Photographer.
Portfolios, promo pieces and in-person meetings. Websites, Instagram and Facebook. Whether it’s a traditional or a modern form of self-promotion, sorting out and prioritizing your marketing moves is a full-time job. The power and potential of each platform will be reviewed and other marketing maneuvers will be explored.

No stone left unturned. Everything is on the table. Any and all of your questions will be answered.


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