Jimmy Chin named one of “The World’s 25 Most Adventurous Men” by Men’s Journal

Our favorite mountaineer, skier, photographer, and director Jimmy Chin is featured on the cover of Men’s Journal‘s May issue, which celebrates “The World’s 25 Most Adventurous Men.” In the accompanying interview, Jimmy—who was photographed alongside English businessman, thrill seeker, and aspiring space traveler Richard Branson and famed first-ascent kayaker Ben Stookesberry—talks about not fulfilling his parents’ expectations for him to become a doctor, lawyer, or professor; his near-death experience after an avalanche while attempting to ascend the daunting Shark’s Fin (if you’ve seen Jimmy’s award-winning documentary, Meru, you know the story); and the time his mom got a brigadier general in Pakistan to check on her son after she heard he’d taken a bad fall in the Karakoram Mountains.

“We were sending back daily dispatches via satellite phone when I took this big fall, and my teammates were like, great, let’s post that!” Jimmy recalls. “Two days later, we’re about to summit and we see this team of soldiers at the base of the wall. We’re all freaking out — are they here to arrest us? — till one of them gets on the loudspeaker and goes: ‘Jimmy Chin . . . your mother wants to know if you’re OK. . . !’ Somehow, she’d gotten hold of the brigadier general and demanded they send a team to check on me. It was the most mortifying moment in my life.”

Read the interview here.


Ben Stookesberry, Richard Branson, and Jimmy Chin on the cover of Men’s Journal’s May 2017 issue. Photo by Ruven Afanador.


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