Sign up for Art Streiber’s one-day workshop at the Palm Springs Photo Festival

At this year’s Palm Springs Photo Festival, Art Streiber will be leading a one-day workshop on “Managing a Career in Editorial Photography & Beyond,” and he’ll be covering a lot of ground in great detail and with his signature sense of humor.

He’s organized his workshop around three main areas: handling the shoot (preproduction, production, postproduction); managing your business (put systems in place, handle your finances, take advantage of downtime); and effective marketing (the Web, your portfolio, and  promotional pieces).

Tuition for the workshop, which is scheduled for Monday, May 8, from 9 AM to 4 PM, is $395. Click here for more details and to register.



Among the questions Art will be answering:

• How do I get hired to shoot for a national monthly or weekly?

• What’s the difference between a design director and a creative director?

• Should I sign the magazine’s contract?

• What are editorial budgets like?

• How do I create and negotiate a budget?

• How much money should I have in the bank in order to float my shoots?

• Should I own my own gear?  How much?

• Can I say no to an assignment?

• How much homework should I do?

• Is scouting the location important?

• How early should I get to the shoot?

• How many different setups should I shoot?

• How hard should I edit my imagery?

• Is custom printing or retouching important?

• How does syndication work?

• How do I avoid being pigeonholed as just one kind of shooter?

• How do I shoot new work if I’m not getting assigned to shoot new work?

• Should I put tearsheets on my website?

• How should my portfolio differ from my website?

• When is the best time of year to go to New York and show my work?

• Should I cold call photo editors?

• Do I need a rep?

• Should I send printed promo pieces or electronic promo pieces?

• How do I make the leap from editorial to commercial work?

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