Nadav Kander’s work on view in the exhibition “Britain in Focus: A Photographic History”

Photographs by Nadav Kander are part of a major new exhibition at the Science + Media Museum in Bradford, England, called “Britain in Focus: A Photographic History,” on view through June 25.

“‘Britain in Focus’ traces the path of an industry: how glass plates gave way to film cartridges, monochrome transformed to color, and paper was replaced by pixels,” explains the museum, which produced the exhibition in partnership with BBC. “From Julia Margaret Cameron to Nadav Kander, discover the visions of photographers whose images have helped define Britain.”

In conjunction with the show, photographer and editor Eamonn McCabe interviewed Nadav—whose portrait of director David Lynch, below, is featured in the exhibition—for a three-part documentary series exploring photography in the U.K.

Learn more about the exhibition here.


David Lynch, 2007, by Nadav Kander.

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