Another reason to update your portfolio

. Heather Morton did an “Ask an Art Buyer”  post yesterday on whether photographers need to branch out into new (to them) genres, but I was really struck by what she said about the importance of updating one’s portfolio: . “One thing I can say for sure is that I really dislike seeing old work […]

Establishing a universal estimate form, part 2

… Last week, I posted a Q&A with Allegra Wilde on her efforts to establish a Universal Bid Form for the photo industry. She mentioned that she was working on the project with Lou Lesko of BlinkBid, “who agreed to put together a template example for us, and has also agreed to give up a […]

Can we all agree on an estimate form?

… Estimates: You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them. They’re a bear to assemble and often just as complicated to parse if you’re the one doing the hiring. And the fact that everyone uses their own form/format only adds a layer of headache-inducing complexity. That, at least, is roughly how Allegra […]

It ain’t easy being an art buyer

And now, if we could take a moment to appreciate all the art buyers out there—the people who daily put themselves in the line of fire, dodging bullets both from photographers and clients alike. Reading Heather Morton’s post this morning at HMAb, “Defending the Art Buyer,” I got a new perspective on what art buyers […]