Tobias Hutzler photographs New York City’s rapidly evolving Hudson Yards, and shoots a time-lapse piece, for Bloomberg Markets

Art Streiber on creating a new take on a famous Volkswagen ad, in GIF form, for Bloomberg Markets

  For a feature on the growing popularity of betting on lawsuits—or litigation funding—Bloomberg Markets looks at a case against Volkswagen over its emissions scandal, in which a U.S. law firm is financing the case against VW in exchange for a share of the winnings. “…it’s easy to see the appeal of an asset class […]

Tobias Hutzler photographs a changing Mumbai for Bloomberg Markets magazine

Tobias Hutzler recently traveled to India to shoot a feature for Bloomberg Markets called “Counting Cranes in Mumbai,” which explores how “new buildings rising in India’s biggest city point to the country’s outsize economic promise—and frame its continuing challenges.” Read the story here.