New personal work: photographs of Iceland by John Offenbach

London-based advertising photographer John Offenbach often uses his vacations with his family as a chance to produce a mini personal project. He did a small series on the quaint, faded houses of Arcadia, Florida, and shot atmospheric oceanscapes in Marco Island, Florida, for example. Recently, he and his family went to Iceland for vacation. Here’s […]

Two weeks in Chile with Jorg Badura

Jorg Badura was recently in Chile for two weeks on an assignment that was in practice and spirit an adventure. From camping in a tent on a boat and hiking for three days in the backcountry to horseback riding in Estancia Mercedes, traveling by Zodiac up the Serrano River, admiring the iceberg-dotted Glacier Geike Lake by […]

Stockland Martel signs automotive, conceptual, and landscape photographer Tobias Hutzler

We’re excited to announce that Stockland Martel has just signed automotive, conceptual, and landscape photographer Tobias Hutzler. Tobias, who is based primarily in New York but travels frequently to Southern California, is an inventive young photographer who presents familiar subjects in striking new ways. “Tobias has a unique perspective on everything he looks at,” says […]

Walter Iooss’ Montauk: Ditch Plains, 8:15 p.m.

. Got this photo from Walter Iooss yesterday morning. He’d taken it the night before, at Ditch Plains Beach. . . See more: Walter Iooss’ Montauk. . .

Portfolio: “Tokyo” by Michael Wirth

. In December 2010, Michael Wirth spent a week in Tokyo, observing the city through his camera. “I went on my own, and the first few days were quite lonely,” he recalls. “Sometimes it felt as though doors were closed to me. People were polite and helpful, and I always felt safe, but there are […]

Walter Iooss’ Montauk: June 29, 6:30 p.m.

. .

Martin Sigal’s extraordinary photographs of Argentina

I’ve never been to Argentina, but Martin Sigal‘s photographs make me want to book a flight there immediately, if not sooner. The images below are selections from a worldwide tourism campaign Martin shot that just came out. The tagline: “Argentina beats to your rhythm.” “We went from the very south of Argentina, which is Ushuaia, […]

Walter Iooss’ Montauk: The dawn of a perfect day

Personal work: Michael Wirth’s Shanghai

. Michael Wirth made his reputation as a beauty photographer, shooting for clients like Clairol, L’Oreal, Clarins Paris, and Nivea. But his passion for his art is more than skin deep. With “Shanghai,” he returns to what he describes as the basics of photography, immersing himself in a place and reporting on it with his […]

Spotlight: Fulvio Bonavia

. Fulvio Bonavia started out as a graphic designer and illustrator of film posters, and this artistic sensibility has no doubt contributed to his success as an advertising and editorial photographer both in his native Italy and worldwide. His work—which has been honored by Communication Arts, PDN, the Italian Art Directors Club, and the IPA, […]