Le Book Connections: Finally, a chance to put a face to the name

. Le Book Connections kicks off tomorrow. Finally, a chance to put a face to the name… . . We hope to see you there. . .

Photos from Le Book’s Connections LA

. Thank you to everyone who came by the Stockland Martel booth at Connections LA last month. The attendance and energy levels were high—Bill and Maureen talked with so many people that they both had pretty much lost their voices by the time it was over. The event, which marked the first-ever West Coast edition […]

Here’s what you thought of Le Book Connections

The Le Book Connections event last month was a big success for us. In fact, when it was all over and we tallied how many people came and chatted with us at our booth, we were almost surprised by the size of the three-digit number. So to thank everyone who visited with us, we asked […]

Scenes from Le Book Connections

. Le Book Connections kicked off yesterday. . . Here’s Maureen at our booth… . . And Simon Horobin, Dana Eudy, and Bill… . . Some close-up views of the booth… . . In addition to their print portfolios, we’re also showing our photographers’ work via iPad. We’ve set it up so you can view […]

An interview with Le Book’s Michael Kazam

With Le Book Connections—a trade show for “all professionals who commission talent”—coming up in New York next week, it seemed like a good time to check in with Michael Kazam, the international development director of Le Book (which he cofounded with Veronique Kolasa). Does he see signs of hope after a couple of lean years […]

A first-timer at Le Book Connections

A (highly subjective) report from the Le Book Connections trade show at the Chelsea Art Museum June 17 and 18.