Annabel Mehran photographs “Orange Is the New Black” star Natasha Lyonne as Yentl for the cover of Tablet magazine

For the Rosh Hashanah edition of Tablet magazine, actress Natasha Lyonne and photographer Annabel Mehran teamed up for a photo series about transformation: specifically, about the blurred gender and identity roles of Barbra Streisand‘s character in the movie Yentl. In the photo series, “Yentl 4Eva,” Lyonne plays both parts flawlessly, which will come as no […]

From the archives: Natasha Lyonne by Annabel Mehran

From our archives: Natasha Lyonne, one of the stars of the Netflix hit series Orange Is the New Black, by Annabel Mehran. Lyonne recently inked a deal to star in a new series co-created by Amy Poehler for NBC. . . .