Steven Lippman teams up again with model Rocky Barnes for photo shoot and video showcasing Kama’s fall 2015/winter 2016 collection

      credits producer: Franny Legge production coordinator/AD: Emily Beene wardrobe stylist: Yohanna Logan/The Rex Agency wardrobe assistant: Erica Mer hair/makeup: Giovanni Giuliano/Art Department hair/makeup assistants: Amy Hanlin and Morgan set designer: Davis Ross/Art Department models: Rocky Barnes and Chris Brown 1st photo assistant: Noah Schultz 2nd photo assistant: Angelo Sgambati BTS videographers: Ryan […]

Photographer/director Steven Lippman and model Rocky Barnes team up for “Nebula,” an ethereal fashion story and short film for Malibu magazine

        credits photographer: Steven Lippman, @stevenlippman model: Rocky Barnes, @rocky_barnes stylist: Jessy Cain, @jessy_cain first assistant: Ricky Lesser, @rickylesser digital tech: Chris DeLorenzo, @chris_delorenzo hair: Giovanni Giuliano, @giannigiuliano2971 makeup: Casey Gouveia, @gobeyou_ motion: Pat R. Notaro III, @zerodisplacement motion edit: Tyler Haft, @tyhaft props: David Ross, @davidclayross, and Adam Mints, @mintcee client: […]

Steven Lippman captures the spirit of Kama’s summer collection in print and on film

  credits photographer/director: Steven Lippman producer: Franny Legge production coordinator: Emily Beene videographer/editor: Tyler Haft wardrobe: Yohanna Logan hair/makeup: Mynxii White prop stylist: David Ross models: Rocky Barnes and Phil Sullivan film executive producer: Jianye Wang art director: Zhiwei Sui project manager: Stella Yang Booth