Jeff Lipsky photographs singer and actress Vanessa Hudgens for the cover of Women’s Health

Jeff Lipsky photographs “Being Mary Jane” star Gabrielle Union for the cover of Women’s Health

Jeff Lipsky photographs “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez for the cover of Women’s Health

Jeff Lipsky photographs Cameron Diaz for the cover of Women’s Health

Colorful underwater swimsuit image by Steven Lippman wins a Merit Award from the Society of Publication Designers

Congratulations to Steven Lippman and the team at Women’s Health, in particular photo director Sarah Rozen, for being honored with a Merit Award by the Society of Publication Designers. The winning photo, below, is from a feature Steven shot for the magazine on activewear bathing suits.    

Steven Lippman’s new shoot for Women’s Health puts a fashionable spin on a punishing boot-camp workout

  credits creative director: Jacqueline Azria design director: Robert O’Connell photo director: Sarah Rozen producer: Michelle Hynek/First shot Productions production coordinator: Brittney Koutz hair: David Cox/Celestine Agency makeup: Mai Quynh/Starworks Artists prop stylist: Ward Robinson/Wooden Ladder LLC models: Shanina Shaik (IMG) and Jasmine Sanders (Vision) photo assistants: Eric Larson, Ethan Sharkey, and Robert Kozek photographer: […]

Steven Lippman’s underwater shoot for Women’s Health featured by A Photo Editor

Many thanks to Heidi Volpe of A Photo Editor for featuring Steven Lippman‘s recent underwater shoot for Women’s Health—and for interviewing photo director Sarah Rozen about the project. “We wanted to shoot activewear bathing suits fashion in a very graphic and sporty way, so approached Steven with the idea,” Rozen tells Volpe in the post. […]

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Britney Spears shows off her fab abs in Jeff Lipsky’s Women’s Health cover shoot