New work: Nadav Kander’s St John Ambulance campaign is a matter of life and death

St John Ambulance is a U.K. charity dedicated to teaching people first aid so that everyone might be equipped with the knowledge to save a life. “We believe that it’s absolutely unacceptable that so many people die needlessly—because no one could give them first aid when they needed it,” the organization states at its website. “St John Ambulance teaches people first aid—about 800,000 last year alone—so that they can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.”

The difference between a life lost and a life saved—that idea is at the center of a breathtaking campaign Nadav shot for St John, which features sublime black-and-white (fictional) “death” portraits of people whose lives were lost because they were in need of aid…and no one knew how to help them in time.



This is the first major campaign by St John Ambulance in 15 years, reports the Creative Review blog. “As part of the campaign,” writes Creative Review‘s Eliza Williams, “St John Ambulance has created an iPhone App that gives potentially life-saving advice. A free pocket-sized guide featuring first aid skills can also be downloaded from”

The agency was BBH. The creative directors were Alex Grieves and Adrian Rossi, and the creatives were Victoria Daltry and Will Bingham.




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    I am surprised and somewhat disappointed to see no comments about this work here and on my Facebook page where I posted a link a few days ago. I think everything here is stunningly beautiful – the photography, the concept and the layouts. The creatives and BBH can be proud of themselves for concepting these ads, selling them to the client and having the great taste to hire Kander.

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      This work might help erase any words written on the demise of intelligence in advertising…a true minimalist’s field day wherein concept and intent pay homage to pure photography.
      The result is poetry.

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    I find these pictures and this campaign to be extremely moving. My appreciation and congratulations go to Mr. Kander and St. John Ambulance for believing in and demonstrating the enduring power of still photography. I hope their courage results in unexpected success.

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